July 9, 2012

I absolutely le the east coast. Halifax is one of my favourite cities in Canada.

Too bad it was cold and rainy during our time off.

One of the loveliest cafes in Canada is located in Dartmouth. Two if By Sea. Please do visit if you head out that way. They also have a location in Halifax by the ferry.

This is how I spent most of my day off. outside was gross. But I did sneak out for another coffee.


For dinner we decided to try out a place Bradon had seen on the food network.

we braved the foggy bridge and headed to Boneheads.

It was some yummy BBQ, and huge portions. The next night was a lovely evening, giving us a chance to eat some seafood on the water.

This calamari from Hart & Thistle… I think… or Thistle & Hart… either way… best calamari. And the best part is the server made a mistake and sent us two. She let us keep the extra one she sent to us.

Bradon got the lobster. I still don’t like it.


But then the next day during our event it was so cold and raining… I got sick. Good thing I’ve been making scarves, I sure needed one.


Side note: I’m selling all the scarves to get some extra money for my time in Nashville.

But back to that day… I was miserable.


Well, it wasn’t my best trip to Halifax, but I still love the place.

Now time to head westward to Montreal.

Goodbye Nova Scotia.


TIme to leave for tour. I had a nice little get together at my house with friends…

but then I was off!

The first drive was a long one, we just didn’t seem to be getting closer to Quebec city. When we finally arrived we went for a quick drink on the patio and then went to bed.

Until I wasn’t in bed anymore. I woke up in the hotel hallway. Here is a screen shot of me trying to explain what happened.

It was honestly the scariest, strangest thing.

But when I woke up in the morning it was nice to wake up to Quebec City. Our hotel was right in the middle of the activity, too bad we had to leave it after a quick breakfast.

On our way to Saint John I made sure to stock up on my favourite beer, La Fin Du Monde. In from Quebec so it was nice and cheap… and being sold in gas stations.

Once we got to Saint John I immediately got to work on making my beer cold… and carrying it around with me from room to room.

(because that’s normal, right?!)

side note: the PBR is not mine.

Then we enjoyed it.

Then we left to enjoy the night by the water with the guys who worked for Chocomax (the chocolate bar that is one of the sponsors of the tour), they were also set up at our Saint john event.

While there, the water raised nearly 20 feet.

Then event in Saint john was awesome. The skaters from last year came out again.. but this time with a BBQ.

I was happy.

I even got to see Katie, the girl who recognized me in the grocery store as one of her friend’s good friend. haha.

Mike, from Chocomax and I decided we needed to test out their photobooth. Mike was a great person to know for 24 hours.

That was the last stop with the Chocomax boys until the end of the summer.

Now to continue east.

On the road again.

June 30, 2012

I’m doing the LRN2SK8 tour once again, and this is where I just post pictures mostly so that family knows what I’m up to without having to email them all! 😉 (love you guys)

It was great getting back to the Eventsing office and seeing the rest of the team again. We have all the same people from last year… except for dear Levi.

We went straight to work at some local events and it felt good to get back at it.

We are back to dinners out and drinks on patios already.

…and drives stuck in traffic.

But we are ready for this.

And me being me… I made up our route as soon as I possibly could.

here is one chunk of it.

I’m so sad to leave Hamilton… but here we go.

I know I just kinda dropped off. sorry.

I will continue with this summers tour.

But maybe to a lesser extent.

fairs and malls too large.

August 19, 2011

Edmonton again.

When we got into town we met up with Nolan and Shawna for some cheap awesome pizza and ended up at the Fringe fesitval.

The next day we had the entire day off to do whatever we wanted.

Laura, Levi and I headed over to whyte ave and strolled around.

This is how we roll in grocery stores.

relaxed in a park.

Then we went back to the fringe to enjoy some entertainment.

are you ready to die?

August 15, 2011

tonight Levi, Laura and I had a short chat about death.

we shared some stories about the things friends have said before they passed away.

In many cases it seems like God prepared them for what was to come. Death has always been a strange thing for me. I don’t want to die, but I feel like I am always ready for it.

Are you ready to die?

But more importantly… how are you living knowing that God has put you here to live out an amazing adventure? Are you scared of the life he has for you?


The Oh Sleeper song, Breathing Blood, popped into my head when this all came up.

Regaining consciousness under a swinging moon,

He speaks of alliances that beckoned me long before the womb.

I’ve caused more wounds than I’m worth. I see now, you must not have heard…

I am the natural born killer.

There is freedom past your history.

“This air won’t fill my lungs!”

Because you should be breathing blood.

See, this death, it was your victory so…

“Teach me to fill my lungs!”… never stop breathing blood.

I had it all so very wrong, but I fought… I fought with only song.

God, I’ve tried… I’m trying like a beast all alone, but my words…

My words have aired in poison.

Please teach me how to breathe because this air keeps failing my need.

Fill my lungs with what wont bleed from my enemies.

He said, “If death is victory how afraid of life can you be?”

I’m born a war machine not knowing which beckon to heed.

Will I rise as a tool for glory or be lost in dormancies?

I’ve regained consciousness under this swinging moon.

You filled my lungs and each breath heals this killer’s wounds.

There is freedom past your history.

“But this air won’t fill my lungs!”

Because you should be breathing blood.

See, this death, it was your victory so…

“Teach me to fill my lungs!”… never stop breathing blood.

I hear him speaking to me. For the first time he cleared my head… that’s when he said,

“Only cowards keep dormant their sleeping strength, and soon you’ll find,

Only the fearless will reach their potential’s peak.”

(What will wing these words if even the air is poisoned?

If the air is poisoned, what will wing these words?)

“Tell me, If death is victory how afraid of life can we be?

If death is victory how afraid of life can we be?”


Breathing Blood

Oh Sleeper


August 11, 2011

Edmonton was cold.

I don’t like wearing so many layers in the summer.

After our event at Kingsway we met up with Mister Nolan and his friend shawna.

Then to red deer. I got to see my good ole buddy Tyler Juell

I drank my first Jones on the tour. We got new flavours… I so went for a cream soda.

This is how I get treated on tour.

Calgary round 2:

hung out with Tyler Clark and his lovely lady.

tyler laughs more than anyone I know…. except for maybe Laura Bronson, but he can’t seem to smile in a picture.

Laura and I had a day of adventuring together in Calgary. We mostly just wandered 17th ave for a long time making friends.

The first friend we made sitting on a bench when I asked some guy if he wanted to be our friend not thinking he could hear me.

He could.

I don’t remember his name but he is in a band called, Maria in the shower. He does calligraphy and hoops.

We ventured into some shops, then hit up Tubby Dog.

This is where we met DJ sideshow from Australia

He had a great tattoo on the back of his neck.

Then we walked past a place that said, “we put feathers in hair”

so we went in.

we made friends with the girl that day and hung out for a while. Her name is Katie. Friend #3.

Then we wandered some more. visited more stores. took a nap on a schools front lawn.

Then went for a yummy dinner at local 510.

My friend Brett Husband came too.

Then we left for some other places in Alberta… eventually we will end up in Edmonton again.


many places in the west.

August 7, 2011

sooo…. I clearly neglected this blog for a little while there.

I went to many places in the west.

Bradon is gone and we went to Kamloops. There we friends, hot tubs and skating.

If you want to see videos, Laura has been making some. CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEOS

I found a new way to make ramen

Dylan and Nolan were in town too!

Then we started to head up to Prince George, BC.

There was only one road to Prince George and an ambulance just a bit in front of us somehow managed to hit an electrical pole. There was someone in the back and they unfortunately didn’t make it. The entire highway got shut down and they warned us that it might take them hours before it was cleaned up.

Laura and Levi headed down to check out the situation….

I tried to keep up… I failed.

On that note we brought out the ramps.

Then we heard rumours of a creek.

What came next was one of my favourite summer moments.

We left our truck right there on the highway, cut through some properties then bam…. found the creek.

I wish I could have brought my camera the rest of the way.

The current was so strong and I just kept thinking that this was going to be one of those moments the “people not from around here” had no idea that they were in deathly waters and then drown. For the most part it was just pure fun and laughter being dragged by the water. There was just one moment when Levi went under and struggled getting his head to stay above the water that put me into panic mode… but once we got past that we were all good! haha.

When we decided that we had had enough of the water we went back to our truck to find out that they have closed the road for the night… there was now a gas leak.. and we now had to head back to the closest town and try again in the morning.

So we ended up in Quesnel, BC eating pizza in in our bed.

The next morning we had to get up at 5 and head to prince george… do our event then drive to Valemount.

Once we got to Valemount the girl at the front desk showed up at our door and wanted to hang out with us. so we did.

it was weird. funny. good.

Then the next morning we got to drive through the mountains into Jasper, then end in Edmonton.

Levi is not happy in this picture because we were watching the Justin Bieber movie and we had to pause it to adventure.

Edmonton time.


August 2, 2011

Frig I love vancouver.

I managed to work my way around on the transit and spend time with some wonderful friends.

While we were in Van, the man who started West 49, Sam, came out to visit and took us out for dinner. He is a funny man and it’s awesome to hear his stories.

He also hooked us up with the biggest best nectarines.

us nuggets got fancy looking for the dinner.

Levi is a hair dresser and sets me up with new bangs.

he is going to be Canada’s next top hair stylist!

We had our last event with Bradon. He is going back home and a new guy Jon is taking over. It is so sad to see him go.

Lately we have been testing how much I trust these skaters.

There is this show called The Cupcake girls… and while walking down the street looking for food I found the shop that they run.

then a mom came over with soem for us!

I had the chance to explore with my dear friend Eryn.

We started off at the Famous Warehouse for some great $4.95 food.

This day also involved andrew from squamish and Dylan who was in town from Yorkton, Sk for his sister’s wedding.

we had a great dinner at a place in Kits called, Local


To end our night, Andrew and I went to the Foundation with Dylan and his brother along with Jamison and his girlfriend. Jamison is a friend that I first met in Regina years ago. Since then he has moved to calgary and I shared my friends with him there… he became good friends with them. And now he live s in Vancouver! It was great to see him.

The the next morning we had the sad sad moment of last family meal with Bradon. 😦


Despite the smile on our faces we were heartbroken to see Boss go.


After he was gone… his nuggets just frowned.

Then we were off to Kamloops with the new TM, Jon.













August 1, 2011

We got to vancouver and jumped on the sky train for the first of our Vancouver adventures.

It was great to be back in this wonderful city…

I decided to spend my full day off in Victoria visiting Jacob!

I got to the Ferry all by myself, I was impressed.

The Ferry was great… mostly because I got to see a whale shoot water out of it’s blowhole!

And then we were reunited



Perfect place for a day off

Jacob lives right by the water.


This is a little Jelly fish Jacob found and shared with me

We spent most of the time just floating around and eating snacks

sometimes Jacob would catch the slimy  jellyfish

After a long day on the water, it was time for me to go back to where I came from.

but before I end this blog I need to show you young Jacob’s wonderful story: